First African B2B Agribusiness Meeting Platform

Since its creation in 2001, SIPSA has never ceased to create links and bring together companies and professionals around their business networks and has positioned itself as a leader in the creation of exchanges and professional meetings in the agricultural world in Africa.

After a year without SIPSA in 2020, SIPSA returns in 2021 with a new innovative formula that combines the authenticity of a face-to-face event with the power of digital. Covid-19 and the wave of health restrictions imposed by the pandemic have led SIPSA to think outside the box and catalyse a robust new way of « digital platform » to reinvigorate the event, and bring about a renewal that maximises exhibitor visibility and significantly increases the number of professional meetings and business opportunities.

The new SIPSA digital platform is therefore unique in that it combines media content and marketplace. In addition to the deployment of an ambitious web and mobile device allowing exhibitors to present their services online, visitors to follow conferences in the form of webinars, and to maximise meetings between professionals. This platform represents an ideal solution to overcome the restrictions imposed by the pandemic on an international event.

Far from being a reduced version of the face-to-face event, the digital version opens up new opportunities. The benefit is in the content and the community, the event becomes a media in its own right.